Need Information About Text Labels

Jul 21, 2016

I am looking for a resource providing a comprehensive, detailed description of all Storyline Player Custom Text Labels. When and where do they appear? This issue recently came up when we needed to determine if the following messages popped up (or not) in one of our modules: AttemptQuizWarningSlide, CompleteQuizWarningSlide, and LockedQuizWarningText.

When and where do these messages pop up? It would be very helpful to have a detailed description providing this information for such messages - and all other Text Labels as well.

Does such a resource exist? If not, can anybody at least provide the needed information about the three labels noted above?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Maidie!

Sounds like you are already familiar with text labels. There is not a comprehensive detailed list, but you are welcome to share your thoughts with our product development team here.  

As far as those specific messages:

#2 AttemptQuizWarningSlide = You must attempt the quiz in order to continue.

This will pop up when a user tries to bypass question/quiz without answering.

#31 LockedQuizWarningText = You must complete the quiz in order to continue.

This will pop up if the user has skipped required questions.

#6 CompleteQuizWarningSlide = You must pass the quiz in order to continue.

Quiz requires to be passed before proceeding, so if user has failed, they cannot proceed.

Hope that helps.

Maidie Golan

Thank you so much! I'm asking because we are having the module translated, and the translator wants to know if we need "Attempt Quiz Warning" and the other labels translated. I can't find this verbiage in the module, so I'm wondering where it is "hiding" and how the translator found it. I do see the "Invalid Answer" box pop up when the user tries to "Submit" the question without selecting a response. How are those others different from "Invalid Answer?"


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