Need learner to retake section and quiz upon failing quiz

May 04, 2016

Cher Articulate Peeps

I am working on a course with a knowledge check at the end of each section and one overall Course Acknowledgement that will grant credit in the LMS.  However, I am trying to figure out how to have the learner, upon FAILING of the KC, to go back to the start of the section AND retake the KC and get the passing score. 

I have tried to add in a button on the "Fail" page to go back to the start of the section - that works - but when they get to the KC, it is still showing what the answered the previous time and doesn't allow them to change the answer - I would like to have the quiz reset to blank and have them retake it again.

Your thoughts


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Geraldine Follmer

Hi Wendy

Yes, I did that - I think. I have on the button "Review Section 2 & Retake Quiz". I have 2 triggers:

1. Go back to the start of the section

2. Reset Quiz (see screen shot below)

However, that isn't working - at least the "Reset" bit. Any other suggestions?



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