Need Learners to complete all simulations before going to next screen. How to?

Hello all.  I have a screen with 5 Markers on it. 

  • Each Marker links to a different software simulation.
  • I would like the learner to complete each simulation before being allowed to move to the next screen.

How would I prevent them from going ahead to the next screen?  Thanks for any help.


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Walt Hamilton

Here is a sample that does just that. I think that the Restricted navigation portion is what you want.

Basically, it keeps track of which slides (could be layers) the user visits, and when all are visited, it shows navigation objects which allow the user to advance. I much prefer my own navigation, but with little more work, it could be customized to work for the built-in Next Button.  You just need to set the NEXT button to hidden when the slide starts, then show it when the conditions are met, instead of the custom button.

Steve VE


This is pretty straightforward with variables.

  1. Set up one true/false variable per simulation (e.g. simulation1, simulation2, simulation3, etc.). Make these variables false.
  2. When the user comes to the last slide of the simulation, set that simulation's variable to true.
  3. On the Marker slide, have an trigger that verifies if all the variables are true (e.g. if simulation1 AND simulation2 AND simulation3 AND simulation4 AND simulation5 are true). If they are all true (i.e. they completed all the simulations), perform an action (e.g. go to next slide).

Hope this helps.