Need more info on state changes.

Mar 13, 2018


I want to change the state of one of the SL illustrations, but I am unclear on whether the SL illustrations already have states included; similar to the characters that have different expressions. 

I selected a folder, with the plan to have icons placed (with triggers) into the folder. When I click on states and create a new state, there is a limited selection of built-in and drag and drop, but none that refer to the image opening and closing. I watched a tutorial "Articulate Storyline 360: Create a Drag-and-Drop Interaction with Triggers" and saw how the fridge he used had that option of opening and closing. I would like to know how to create this for the folder? 

I suspect he used his own icon design of a closed and open folder that he added, but I would really appreciate a clarification. 

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Wendy Farmer
Sarah Bowes

am unclear on whether the SL illustrations already have states included

Hi Sarah,

unfortunately no, the illustrations, photos, and icons in Content Library only have the normal state so you would need to create other states you need.

And yes to answer your question you would need to have a separate illustration of a closed fridge and one of an open fridge. Choose one of the illustrations to be the normal state and then create a new state that is displayed through a trigger.

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