Need some features or way around for these issues...

Hi everyone,

my organisation is contemplating long on the idea of e learning and digital courses, i have worked with adobe also as to compare the better product.

while working on some project i faced lack of following feature/issues

1.Splitting of audio/video overall choosen slides like we have in Adobe captivate
2. Text to speech a highly recommended feature is not available in articulate i have to import the same from adobe (pretty ironic)
3. Publishing to articulate is tedious if the content is large, further the articulateonline url and password never matches.
4. No app publishing, you should make the exported html5 content compatible to app making platforms like phonegap(the articulate app is good but i think publishing the content as an app has lots of benefits)

i have already requested for new features but i think the point iam making are very basic and iam surprised why these are not considered in earlier versions of storyline

i shall post more issues as the project proceeds.



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