Need some good suggestion

HI All, am going to start a new storyline course where i have 20 questions(set of 4 group).

Group A- 5 questions

Group B-5 questions

Group 1-5 questions

Group 2-5 questions

total 10 qestions should come in the course , here is the compination for the questions.

 Group A+ Group 1 or Group B+ Group 2

I have created two questions bank(bank 1 and bank 2), each one conations two groups, and am moving all the questions to the bank ,

now i have a problem  two banks are coming when am checking the course .i need only one bank that to each time when i take the course i should get different bank.  like bank 1 or bank 2 ?

and how to create the result page here? when i created it was asking for two banks? i need only one result page for two banks. or two diffrent result page for two banks. all i need when i run the course i should get only 10 questions + result page.

Now i need your suggestion , is any other better approch is there?

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Raj S

HI Christine, as i discussed with you am sharing the files what i have worked on it, i have used many custom JavaScript function to make this done, just let me know any simple approach is there ? i want to avoid custom function in storyline tool. it wont work properly so please let me know your suggestion. in this example i have added only three question for each bank. each time i run the course i should get different set of questions.