Need some help linking slides

Good morning all,

I need some help trying to navigate the user through some slides.

For ease I'll just call slides 1 - 3.

I have a user on Slide #1 where he can choose between two videos, if user selects Video 1 he goes to slide #2 and if he selects Video 2 he goes to Slide #3.

Upon finishing the video he will return to Slide #1.

Now, I want the user to watch both videos, how can I change the states on slide 1 to show ONLY the video the user hasn't watched once he returns there.

Thanks for your help community.

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Rick Pruitt


You can create a variable for each video slide. With the links to each video, create a hidden state for the links to the videos that have been watched. Another option is just a small checkmark for each link. Set each to hidden if the variable has ont been triggered.

You might use a true false trigger for example on each video slide the goes true when the timeline starts for that slide.

The checkmark would have a trigger that has hidden unless that variable is true.

I hope this works for you.

Mike Taylor

Hi Joshua!  As Rick and Alex said a variable is a great way to do this if you want to ensure that the video has played all the way through. 

If you can assume that they'll watch it and/or don't need to validate that the move played all the way to the end, another easy option would be to just create a visited state for the buttons/images you have on slide one that link to each video. Storyline will automatically change them to that visited state when they are clicked on.