Need some inspiration for e-learning that present new company product

Dec 08, 2016

Looking for cool and creative way to introduce a new product (machine)

to our customers and employees.

In the project, I will need to present:

  • Product specifications- dimensions, properties etc.
  • Unique advantages
  • Review components
  • Review software user interface

Any ideas? maybe template that can give me some inspiration...?

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David Anderson

Hi Meital,

The labeled graphic is one of the most common interaction types that's ideal for product labeling and component identification.

Here's a link to a recent e-learning challenge that provides some info on using labeled graphics:

And here's the recap post with 50+ examples:

Trina Rimmer

Hi Meital. Your project sounds like a really fun challenge. I'm sure others will chime in with their thoughts, but a few ideas that come to mind include...

  • Using a branched, interactive scenario to allow learners to discover the unique advantages of the new product both from an employee and a customer perspective. Depending on how your employees and customers interface (primarily face to face or over the phone) there are lots of creative possibilities. Here's an example of a branched scenario and a free template you can download and modify.
  • Product specifications and components could be covered using an interactive slider (or dials are an option if you're using Storyline 360) or through an interactive video. You may also find a simple tabbed interaction for focusing on product features & benefits (as in this example) could be a helpful refresher for learners after training.
  • And the software user interface could be explored using Storyline's screen capture feature.

You could break these topics out into individual mini-lessons and then create a larger mission-based narrative around completing the lessons to make it a fun challenge. You might also want to try spinning the perspective by personifying the machine and making it more enticing and fun for learners to get to know it and how it works. 

Just a few ideas and resources to kickstart your thinking. Hope you'll share with us what you're doing when your design plan starts to crystalize!

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