Need some LMS/SL360 functionality help please

Feb 05, 2018


I have been asked to fill in a questionnaire for a client on LMS operation, related to SL360 by end of play Tuesday, and do not have any idea on the correct response to some of the questions. Can anyone help out please, as I'm a bit off my specialist subject here, and would REALLY appreciate some assistance!

Thanks in advance.


1. Does SL360 publish to AICC HACP or AICC API?

2. If AICC HACP - can it run in a cross-domain environment?  If so, how does it work around this restriction? (E.g. Server-side relay, signed applet, flash cross-domain.xml)

3. If your content is SCORM 1.2 Compliant, will it be provided in Single-SCO or Multi-SCO format?

4. Does your content write to its own database when tracking?

5. Please describe your content solution in terms of the different components that make up the whole solution.  E.g. standards-compliant content only; standards-compliant content and non-standards-compliant assessments that write to a separate database; non-standards-compliant resources consisting of HTML pages.

6. (Done - Please describe how your content is structured in terms of units/sessions, quizzes/assessments,) and also what tracking data can be / or is normally passed back to an LMS.

7. What are the minimum desktop / technical requirements needed to run content on client machine?  (E.g. Java Run Time Engine, Flash, Authorware version etc.

8. Are there any specific security or server requirements related to the implementation of your content? (E.g. required to enable Server Side Includes for SHTML, SSL requirements, server side scripting or a requirement for a 3rd party application to be running on our servers).

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