Need some very basic level help adding my Storyline 1 files to my GoDaddy website

Mar 23, 2017

I have tried, but do not seem to be smart enough to figure this out. I'm a very basic Articulate Storyline user with a GoDaddy website. I would like very much to publish a webinar or two on one of my web pages. Nothing I try seems to work. Is there anyone who can walk me through how to do this? 

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Walt Hamilton

Just a quick start, since I don't know the ins and outs of GD's hosting.

1. Publish for Web

2. Upload to your site all of the "xxx- storyline output" folder (Go Daddy's instructions will be a big help to you here.)

3. Somehow, the users you want to see the course must navigate to the story.html file. What I would do is have a web page for them to land on, with a link to the file .GoDaddy may enforce some funny requirements that you have to change the name of story.html if you don't have a landing page. If so, you can change the name of story.html, but not any other file. (if you have to write it yourself, it will look something like <a href="xxx-storyline output/story.html alt="Include here text for visually impaired and tool tip">Click here to start course</a>  This may be easier if GoDaddy has a page building wizard. )

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