Need Storyline Logo in Player to be hotlinked

Nov 18, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know how to make the logo in the Storyline player (we have our company logo) link to the actual website?  I tried inserting a web-object but it just masks the original logo as a grey rectangle.  

Help please! 

Many thanks,


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Geert De Rycke

Hi Jessie

It is currently not possible to add any functionality to the logo area in the side bar :(

It would be a nice feature, so I suggest you send a feature request to Articulate (link)

What you could do on the other hand, is to include a picture of your company logo on your master slides.

(use an object; fill the object with your company logo; assign a trigger to jump to your companies URL)

I know that when adding a Logo, you loose 1/3 of your screen,  so by putting the logo on your master you'll gain that space.

What about the menu, which you may have. You still have the problem of 1/3 loss of space. Well you can move your menu to the top of your player

1. Go into your player 


3. use the arrows to move your menu up




Charles Zoffuto

Actually you should be able to create an SWF type logo with an embedded link that when clicked would open up a new window. What you have to do is select the all files (*.*) when you go to import your logo as it isn't a listed option. That said, I tried it using an improvised example and it didn't work. Still if you have someone who knows flash, it might work.

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