Need suggestions for...transitions?

Jun 11, 2015


I have this slide that has practice questions on it.  Because I wanted 3 questions to a slide, I did not use a quiz slide and instead used buttons with a layer for each response the user clicks that provides feedback on their response. 

How can I make it so the response for each question appears selected when on the first layer? If that is not possible--how do I make each question and it's response buttons either appear hidden or fly off the page with animation AFTER the user has selected the correct response?



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jacqueline

have a look at the attached update to your file.  I removed the groupings around each question and buttons and created a button set for each group of questions so that only 1 response can be selected.  In the example if you answer Yes to Q1 and the layer appears, I have then added triggers to hide Q1, Yes1, No1 and maybe1 on the base layer when the user clicks the 'back button' - hope this helps


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