NEED TECH SUPPORT HELP:Retry Quiz Button posting Completions

Can someone please hook me up with a tech support person who can take a look at my course and my debug log to help me fix this bug I posted last week? We need to push this course out to a mass audience next week and I REALLY need help with this fix.

Here is my original post. I've also posted the debug log that shows that the completion is being dropped via clicking the Retry Quiz button on line 1474.


My course is working great in the LMS save for one thing.  Here is the process I am going through to test the Storyline Course on our LMS:

  1. Launch course, take assessment and fail. Close course. (no completion dropped into the LMS).
  2. Launch the course again, take the assessment. Fail the assessment. Click the Retry Quiz button to start the assessment over. Close course without taking the assessment. (a completion is dropped into the LMS saying that I have passed the course.)

I've tested this on two LMS's (SumTotal and LRN) and within SCORM Cloud.  It behaves the same way for all systems.  Should I contact a Tech Support person to help me with this or have you heard of this before and have a fix?



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