Need to Capture Button Click

I am creating a compliance course in which 1 state has additional content that the other 49 states don't need to see.  We're trying to keep it all in one course, so I'm thinking of adding a button that asks learners at the beginning whether they do business in that state. If they say Yes, a variable would then be set to True and would cause the learner to branch off to the additional content, then return to the main content.

The question is, is there a way to capture when that button is clicked so we can show that the learners who needed that content actually clicked and ultimately viewed it?  There is an assessment that will send completion information to the LMS (SuccessFactors), but can something from the button click also go to the LMS?  Any suggestions are welcome!

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Brian Dennis

I would consider placing a button on the exclusive content, then wire up a click trigger on that button that sets a project variable. Reporting variables to SuccessFactors and other LMS is a frequent question on these forums, so I'd encourage you to search the forums for the final loop in the process. Search "SuccessFactors" for starters. Good luck!