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Judy Nollet

Hi, Sandeep,

Changing the Font Theme will change the text in the Story file -- but only the text that was assigned to the designated "__ (Body)" or "__(Headings)" style.

For example, assume the Font Theme is Articulate. That includes styles for "Articulate (Body)" and "Articulate (Headings)."

  • If text is assigned to "Articulate (Body)," that text should switch to the new font when you change the Font Theme.
  • If text was manually assigned to just the "Articulate" font (or any other font other than the designated "Body" or "Headings" font), that text won't switch to the new font when you change the Font Theme. In such a case, the programming assumes you want to keep the custom designation.

Theoretically, there is a way to switch all text to another font. Export the text into a Word document (File > Translations > Export to Word). In that Word file, the on-screen text should appear in the same font as it does in the Story file. Now change the font for all the on-screen text in the Word file; you can do that simply by selecting the entire column of text and assigning it to the font you want. Save the Word file, and then import it back into your Story file. The text will be in the new font. Unfortunately, this method has a few major caveats:

  • Export doesn't maintain bullet styles; it exports all bullets as the standard dark circle.
  • Export doesn't maintain paragraph spacing for bullets. So you lose any space before or after lines and other related settings. It can also mess up size for the last bullet in a series if there's no return after it.
  • After you import the text, even if the font is the same one used in your Font Theme, it won't be assigned as the "_Body" or "_Headings" font.

Bottom line: You can simply change the font throughout a course by changing the Font Theme, but only if ALL of the text is assigned to the designated "_Body" or "_Headings" font. Based on what you described, it sounds like your text isn't set that way. So I think you will have to change it manually throughout the course. Sorry.

Best wishes!

sandeep sainani

Hello Judy,

Thanks for your reply, appreciate the information presented extensively.

After reading through your explanation, I comprehend that we need to assign the text to the designated body and headings and then when I go into the font theme it would enable for the changes to be made.

Could you please advise how do I set the text in designated "_Body" or "_Headings"  in storyline, i would try to assign the text and then change the font style accordingly.

Could you please advise.

Thank You!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Glad you're getting the help needed, Sandeep.

As for setting your fonts, two things:

1. You can set the font types and styles as a part of your font theme

2. You can then add in the text placeholders for headers, titles, and text on a master slide and use that to apply the text throughout your course.