Need to display user's answers to quiz questions on Quiz Results Slide

Sep 30, 2019

Hello, I have been requested to build a course (in Storyline 360) that has 7 T/F statements in the beginning of the course. Users will not receive immediate feedback upon submitting their answers. Instead, when they reach the end of the course, they "need to see a list of the T/F statements, along with the answers they selected in the beginning of the course, and a link to view a PDF answer key."  How do I display the answers they selected on the T/F statements on the Results slide? Do I need to assign some variable to each True and False response and then somehow display that variable on the Quiz Results slide? 

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Sherri, you will have to use variables for this as follows:

  1. Create one text variable for each question.
  2. Then for each question, you will have to add two triggers to the Submit button. One that says set the variable to True if radio button one is selected when the user clicks the submit button. The other trigger says to set the variable to False if radio button two is selected when the user clicks the submit button. Make sure these triggers come before the submit results trigger in the trigger panel.
  3. Turn off the feedback by question option on each quiz slide.
  4. Add a Results slide - I would use a blank one for this.
  5. Add the text for all you quiz questions to the slide and next to each question add a text box containing the variable name for that question surrounded by %. Example if your variable name is Q1, the text would you would add is %Q1%. This will display the user's answer beside the question.
  6. You can style the Results slide to look any way you want. I have attached a story file with one question so that you can see how to set all this up.

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