need to find an animation showing a phone ringing

I have a picture of a phone but want to be able to have an animated give showing sound waves.. to visually represent ringing when the phone is supposed to be ringing.  Anyone know of a good gif our there for this?  I'm open to other suggestions for a visual representation of a phone ringing on a desk.

Thanks.  See below for my image idea.


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Steve Flowers

Looking for an abstract representation or a visual indicator of an actual device.

You might try making the phone look like it's "shaking" in a subtle way. Shake... Shake... Shake... (Ring, Ring, Ring). Or try highlighting the phone with an outline. You can see something similar in this unfinished demo (could take a bit to load):

Cam Brewer


That is great as far as the motion I need. I am just trying to figure out how you did it hehe. Do you have a link that would show motion path looping? I know how to do a simple motion path but I'm confused on how to loop it.  I got the path down and the duration but I can't figure out the looping part. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Michael Hinze

Look in t he trigger panel for group1. There is a trigger that starts a motion path animation for this group when this motion path (which is initially triggered by clicking the button) completes. And since I didn't want to phone to 'ring' forever, I added a variable that counts up and stops the motion path after 3 loops.

Stu Hilton

I wanted to have a phone ringing during the  whole slide timeline, but in 'shakes' of 3 at a time, with a delay in between.

I followed Michael's example, but added another motion path of 1.5 secs where the start and end point was the same spot - i.e. there is no actual motion.

Motion Path 1 - move the phone slightly left,  duration 0.10 sec

Motion path 2 - don't move the phone, duration 1.5 sec.

Add a second trigger for the MP1 (to occur when MP2 had finished)

Add a trigger for MP2 (to occur when MP1 has finished and ring-count = max-rings)

Add a trigger to reset the ring-count to zero when MP2 completes (replaces Michael's reset on Button 1 click).