Need to hide text on base layer...but not other objects on base layer

Hi everyone!  Hopefully I can explain my issue because I wasn't even sure how to search for it to see if there was already an answer lurking about!

I have a base slide with about 9 layers.  I want the learner to click objects on the base layer to reveal information contained on the corresponding slide layer.  On the base layer I have a text box, that, when the learner starts clicking the objects on the base to trigger the layer, I want it to disappear from the screen, even if the media has not completed.

Currently, when I click on one of the objects to trigger a layer before the media stops, the text box stays on the base layer and is visible on the layer I've clicked.  I have an animation on the text box of 'fly in' and then I did have a 'fade out' animation for when the media completes.....but adding or removing the animations didn't have an impact on my issue.

I've attached the slide that is giving me fits (hopefully I attached it correctly!).

Any thoughts on either what I'm doing wrong, or a work-around to get it to do what I want?


Thanks so much!  I can't tell you the number of times I've relied on the community to help me solve a problem and it is GREATLY appreciated!


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Jackie Bartus

Thank you Jackson!  I couldn't get your exact recommendation to work because the text box on the base slide wasn't available for me to choose when trying to create the trigger at the layer level.

However!  Being the genius that I am, your suggestion reminded me that I had figured out how to get the text box on a base layer to hide in another slide IN THE SAME PROJECT! about feeling like a ding dong....just proves I've been working on this module entirely too long....

So I basically took the idea of creating a trigger to hide the text box, but just applied the trigger to each linked object all on the base layer, not on each individual layer, and it worked!

Thank you again for taking the time to respond to my issue!