Need to mark course complete in the last slide even if the learner failed test

Hello People,

I am facing one problem and need your support.

I have a course in storyline 360 that includes a quiz (4 questions).  Now I want to mark the course "completed" when the user visits the last slide of the course irrespective of the test taker Passed or Failed the quiz.

I have added the trigger course completed in the last. I have also kept the passing score zero.

Also, I want to track the question/answers in the LMS. So I have to select the "Track using result slide" while publishing.

Now, what is happening,  If the user is attempting only the first question and closing the course it is marking completed and I want to mark complete only when the user visits the last slide.
Also, I want to send the score and response of the quiz to the LMS.

Can anyone help, please!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Apoorv,

I'm not seeing the same behavior when tracking by the result slide when leaving the quiz early. I'm showing a 0% complete since the Result Slide has not been submitted yet.

3 attempts:

  1. All questions answered 100% grade.
  2. The first question answered, exited quiz.
  3. All questions answered incorrectly with a 0% grade.

My sample file is attached.

Apoorv Jain

Hi Leslie,

Thank you so much for helping me with this issue.

I am using SABA Cloud and I have tried your file on SABA Cloud and seen that after attempting 1st question correct and closing the course. In the Activities, it is marking successful and showing a score of 50% but the complete course is in progress.

Is there any way, Activities should not mark complete until the user will not attempt all the quiz questions.

I have also tried in the SCORM cloud and your course is working fine there.

Please help

Ren Gomez

Hi Apoorv,

To answer your question: Is there any way to hide the score in LMS?

  • If you're referring to the score once it's recorded in the LMS, I recommend following up with Saba Cloud to see if that's possible.
  • If you're referring to the score within the course, you can! You can customize your results slide however you wish and remove the default text boxes. The important piece is leaving the trigger to Submits Results in your slide.

I hope this helps!

Ren Gomez

Hi Apoorv,

Thanks for sharing your file! It looks like your reporting options in the publish dialog window are correct. You're tracking using a results slide and reporting the status as Passed/Incomplete.

In your results slide, I noticed you have a passing score of 0, and you have multiple triggers of the same kind. I'm not sure if this is causing an issue for SABA, but I'd reconsider deleting and recreating your results slide first to see if that fixes the problem!