Need to Maximize Screencast and Publish Settings

Hey guys

I thought I"d check here before I spend a big chunk of time testing. I'm creating a series of technical courses and I need the published product to be as visually large as possible.  I am thinking that to achieve that I need a combination of settings when recording the original screencast and output settings. Can anyone tell me which to use for the end product to fill as much of the browser as possible and how to maintain a clear resolution?

Thanks in advance!!

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Diana Myers

Hi Natalia! 

I had the same issue, and I found a helpful reply post from Christine Hendrickson

The easy answer:  open the Storyline Player, select the Other settings (in the Custom section) and set the Player size field to "Scale player to fill browser window" and save your changes.

This worked for me, hope it works for you, too!!