Need to restrict learner to drop only two items in a target

Hi all,

I'm developing an drag and drop interactivity in articulate storyline1(update 8).

Is it possible to restrict learner to drop only two items in a target(drop spot). If learner drops third item then it will snaps back. Is it possible in Storyline1?

Please help me to find a solution for this.


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Ankit prajesh

Hi vijay

its possiable to add the restriction on the user to drag and drop.

First of you add the all button in the drag and drop. see the First attachment which are given below.

after add two or more button how much you want to after restrict the user. show the layer in that layer  show the sms sorry you can not add the third element in drag and drop. after that hide the layer when user click the close button.

see the second and third attachment .

after that i attach the .story file you check how its work.

hope thats help

vijay kumar

Hi Ankit,

Thanks for your reply. I have checked your file but it doesn't work for me. In your file when i tried to drop third button then only i got pop-up " sorry you can not......"

My requirement in your file is:

I can be able to drop all the three buttons (First button, Second button and third button) in the target. But the target must accepts only two items. When i trying to drop third item then that third item will snap back to its original position


third item will stick there and either first item or second item will snap back to it's original position.

Is it possible?


Steve Flowers

Here's an example that might meet your needs. This uses a regular drag and drop freeform where all three of the items are set to be correct when dropped on the square.

I added a drop correct state so I could evaluate the state in my "function object". The function object is kind of neat. It contains these triggers:

  • Set the countDropped variable to zero (so we can count up)
  • Add one to the countDropped variable for each item that is in the drop correct state.
  • Activate the "Locked layer" if the value of the countDropped variable is greater than one (preventing another object from touching the drop zone)
  • Hide the function object to prime it for another execution.

So when two objects are dropped, the third object can't be added. You could make the locked layer transparent. I made it clickable to reset the interaction.