Need to send multiple quiz results to LMS but set pass/fail based on the final quiz only


I have a pre-course and post-course Assessment (Quiz) in my module. Now , the questions in both quiz are the same. I have results slide added after each quiz. I want the result from both quiz to be tracked in LMS but the course PASS/FAIL should be based on the post-course Assessment results slide only. Combining results does not give me the desired outcome.

Any ideas how I can achieve this?

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Darren McNeill

This is something that needs to be set up with your LMS. For example you can have prerequisite courses that must be completed in order to do the next one. You could also set up a Curriculum style package where the user must first  complete certain courses to complete the curriculum. You could also set it up, so that the courses must be done in a specific order, the quizzes are not the completion criteria but simply used to navigate through the course and at the end a completion button is the Completion criteria, once completed the next course becomes available. Only at the end, you can set the last course to be completed based on quiz results. Note though that many LMS systems have difficulty completing a course based on Quiz results, and Complete/Incomplete is the best and most reliable completion method.