Need trigger example for IF/THEN/ELSE sequence

Mar 20, 2018

I am creating some custom question style activities that are not able to be handled by the existing Quiz question formats, so have to use variables and custom built objects and triggers. Below briefly describes what I need to happen.

A rectangle object "object1" (one of several similar objects), overlays part of a picture. object1 is a gray rectangle with 2 states:
normal = 80% transparent
not_visible = 100% transparent (default state)(this is not the same as hidden)

This object is clickable (in either state) and when clicked changes states and changes the value of a variable.

Below is the action I need to occur:

If variable1 = false
    change state of object1 to normal
    assign variable1 = true
    change state of object 1 to not_visible
    assign variable1 = false

I have been unable to figure out the logic so that the above if/then/else sequence works properly. What happens is if the object1 is false, then it changes changes the state and value, but then the ELSE part of the trigger sequence basically resets it back to what it was before.

NOTE TO STORYLINE ENGINEERS:  It would be extremely helpful if you could create an IF/THEN/ELSE trigger. This has been an issue, and there have been many discussions, for many years.

Thank for any assistance.

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