Needing help solving how to make triggers and and layers work

I need help making my slide work.  My goal is for each layer when clicked, a learner will hear an audio clip. There are seven layers. 

I am still working on the audio functionality and the second part is for me to create seven additional triggers for each layer where a learner hovers overs a layer and a call out appears with the text of the audio clip.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

~ Flora Del Angel

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Sam Hill

Hi Flora, you can remove the trigger you currently have in each of the layers, as it seems to be a duplicate of the trigger you have on the base layer on each of the clickable elements. You should also check the property "Hide slide layer when timeline finishes" on each of the layers that contain audio. Just double click the layer to get to the slide  properties.

I understand you want text of the audio to appear when the user hovers over the buttons, there is a trigger that will handle this for you. I have attached an example on the IT Security button.