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Aug 29, 2012

Hi fellow Storypeople...

I am creating a course based around a Net Promoter Score type principle.

Basically (as per standard NPS principles...):

Ratings of 0-6 inclusive are "Detractors, 7 & 8 are "Passives", and 9/10 are "Promoters".

Rather than a Quiz, the client and I thought it would be rather a good wheez to have the learner do an NPS rating of the course, that we then record on the LMS, and interrogate later to see if the course was any good or not.

What is the clever/elegant way to do this in Storyline, so that it can be recorded on the LMS for later interrogation? To me, it looks like the correct Quiz type might be the "How Many" quiz, (just explaining the rating on the slide, and then getting them to Submit it  - but I have no idea if the results of this can be extracted from the LMS later on.

Any ideas on how to achieve this elegantly, preferably using standard functionality, would be appreciated.


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Steve Flowers

Not 100% true, Phil AO offers some convenient reporting of test interactions. Any SCORM conformant LMS will catch the generated interactions. Pulling the data is another matter. Some LMS' offer reporting features that enable you to dump data to an LMS based on a preconfigured query. Others have awesomely advanced analytics (SumTotal used to have a great analytics option). And others rely on 3rd party tools like Crystal Reports to construct and pull interaction data.

It all depends on your LMS. If it's conformant, it's catching the interactions.

Bruce Graham

OK, so I was looking for posts on NPS, (Net Promoter Score), and came across this one, by myself, although it has been a while since I originally posted!

Anyway, I guess/(hope) things may have changed since then.

I now have another need to create a 0 - 10 (inclusive) Net Promoter Score slide, people select 0 - 10, I report on it, extracting the numbers, then I calculate the average using Google Sheets.

Has *anyone* been successful yet, using Storyline, to create a slide/Quiz/??? that enables this to happen?


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