New Articulate 360 Feature: Content Library Media

Mar 07, 2017

Hi everyone,

We’ve just released a major expansion to Content Library – your subscription now includes over 1.5 million beautiful photos, illustrations, icons, and videos for use in your Storyline projects!

The catalog covers a wide range of subjects from professional and office environments to people, the natural world, and a range of every day objects. All are royalty free with no attribution required.

Once inserted onto your slide, they behave just like normal images, videos, and shapes, so you can apply effects, re-color them etc. This makes them incredibly flexible and the easiest way to make visually rich, engaging courses.

Check out Arlyn’s video for more info:

And here's the full Content Library Media Documentation.

To get started, just update your 360 Desktop App and then update Storyline 360.

For an overview of everything in the March ’17 update, see our What’s New Page.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Heather, 

Well I definitely want you to see what's in Content Library - as there are a million of amazing course assets in there (no joke, 2+ million!).  With the Articulate 360 trial, you'll be able to see all the images, icons, characters, etc. but you can only download a few of them for use during your trial.

I'd start by checking out the endpoints and ports that need to be accessible to Articulate 360. You may need your IT team to help you out here. Here's the full list if you want to share with them.  

If you're still running into trouble after going through those steps. Let me know and I'll start a Support case for you with our Engineers - they'll be able to look at more specifics of your set up. You can also reach out to them directly here (give me a heads up if you do, and I'll follow along)!

One other note: it looks like your post came through here twice. Not to worry, I'll delete the second one so as to not have any confusion.

Tim Clifton

We are looking at the switch from Storyline 3 to 360 we currently use istock for our photo images, we don't use video.  I am curious what you mean that the assets are tailored toward e-learning.  I primarily use photo images.

We are going to do a free trial but I would  be interested to hear your impressions so far of the graphic library. 

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