New Browser Window Not Maintaining Custom Size

Sep 16, 2020

Hello, all

In Storyline 360, we have some triggers that either open a PDF file in Resources, or open a URL. They are set to open in a new browser with custom size so the window is smaller than the course slide size (as as to not hide content).

In Review 360 they seem to work fine, but testing in ScormCloud today, the new windows do not seem to want to stay at the custom/reduced size, but instead fill almost the entire screen. Any suggestions?  Thanks.

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Ren Gomez

Hi William,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you're experiencing in SCORM Cloud. Could you share a bit more about how you're able to set the custom size for opening attachments in the Resources tab?

If you're able to share a file as well, that will help provide even better insight. Feel free to connect with our support team, and they can lend you a hand!

William Lawson

Hi, Ren. Thanks for reaching out.

This first screen is an example of the new browser window settings we're using for a PDF file that is in our Resources. Our course width size with is about 1050, and I set these at 800 for smaller size to overlay the course content, but not hide entirely.

New Browser Win Settings

Below are examples of what I see in Review 360 (smaller window) and then what I see in ScormCloud. I did note that this is happening on my laptop. (When I extend displays with a larger monitor, the new window does seem to retain the smaller width settings and not cover the whole course window in ScormCloud.)

From Review 360 (on laptop)View from Review 360

From ScormCloud (on laptop)View from ScormCloud


Ren Gomez

Hi William,

I appreciate the detailed explanation and images of what you are running into! I tried to replicate a test file in both environments and successfully got the window to open up in the expected size. Here are my results:

Review 360:

SCORM Cloud:

I'm not quite sure why your video is reacting differently, but if you're able to share your file, our support engineers can take a closer look to see what's happening behind the scenes here.

William Lawson

Ren, thanks for checking into this for me. 

To test, I created a short one-page Storyline title with a link to a new browser window, and in this case it did work. So, maybe it has something to do with the original Storyline file (I think originally created maybe two plus years ago). However, I did note that in this original course if the control settings for the new browser window include "No browser controls" instead of "default", the smaller window settings DO appear to hold. The learner cannot resize the window, but can scroll down and close, so that may work for our needs.

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