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Chance Hunter


Tried to message you about this but got an error.

We're interested in getting a handful of characters in a variety of genders and ethnicities, in two or three different company uniforms. We're sort of stuck doing page turner training without access to any characters that look like our field workers, who most of our training is directed to. 

Do you ever do any freelance work?  If so, I'm at chance.hunter at chk.com.


Anna Barsk Holmbom

Hi Steve!

I´m still a beginner using Storyline but my husband knows Adobe Illustrades. Is it easy to use the characters if you by them and change them i Adobe? Is there a tutorial about that somewhere? What I really need is a female character, or two, that is a bit... more of a woman (as in "not so very skinny) than the ordinary characters. 

Steve Flowers said:

Hi, Chance - 

You might have luck with these or a modification of these:


The tooncharacters stuff vector packs are pretty affordable and (with the right tools) easy to modify and vary.