New custom character in the characters library of Storyline 360

Mar 24, 2017

Hello, can I add my own avatar or characters in the library of Storyline 360?. I know I know I can add it as an image, but can I upload some how all the poses of my character to the library to use them using the tool "insert characters"?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Pablo! 

I can see how having the ability to add your own custom characters to the Insert Characters library would be super handy. Storyline 360 is evolving every day, and it's a neat suggestion. I’m going to forward your thoughts to our product team so we can look into it for the future!

For now, I'd invite you to check out other threads and blog posts about how to create and use your own custom characters, as well as this video tutorial from David Anderson. Although these are for previous versions of Storyline, the methods will still work in SL360. :)

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