New draw from question bank

Jul 18, 2013

just now, I try to the new draw from question bank function,

It does help me to insert some questions into the slide, but after I finished the question, 

it could not bring back to the score page and give me the retry option.

I wanna know how to make the score page appear again after I finish my quiz.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Edward and Welcome to E-Learning Heroes! I am not sure if I completely follow your question, but I think you are asking about allowing multiple attempts in your quiz so that that you will get the re-try button on result slides, right?

Add a result slide after your quiz:

In order to get that Retry Quiz button, set it in the properties of your result slide:

If you need additional help, please respond back and include your .story file for me to have a look at what you have going.  

Thanks so much and have a good day!

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