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Jun 11, 2013

I created a new feedback slide

But now, when I try to preview the slide.  The preparing preview window sticks at about 80% complete.  I'm assuming that's where the new preview slide is.

Any thoughts?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Alan,

Unless there's some really heavy content (a really long video) on the new feedback slide, that shouldn't happen.

I know it's been a while since you posted this, have you had any luck getting the preview to load?

If not, you might want to try importing the slides from this project into a new file

Let me know if you see any improvement.


Alan Landers

Hi again, Christine... I'm not importing a slide.  Here's what I did...

I don't really like the default feedback slide.  It has a bar across it that separates the correct/incorrect from the feedback comment.  If I place a person's image on the feedback slide, it looks like an arrow is going through the head.  It's gray and ugly.  See below.

I wanted to create a customized feedback slide that would allow me to be more creative.  I clicked on the view tab and selected the feedback master.  I created a new feeback layer.  see below.  (This is just a quick example - I want to get creative with this)

When I try to preview the slide - it won't finish processing the slide.  I can send you the story, just tell me how.

Tks, I appreciate your help Christine.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Alan,

Sorry if I wasn't clear :) Correct, I actually wanted to see if importing the slides into another project would fix the issue. It sounds like some strange behavior, so I wanted to make sure it wasn't the file itself. 

Can you try that out and see if the preview processes correctly after words?


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Alan,

You shouldn't need to recreate this from scratch. I'm just curious if the original file was corrupted, or had something causing an issue that would cause this project to fail on preview.

If you'd like, you're welcome to attach the .STORY file here. I can try a little testing on my end and see if I can get it working for you.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Alan!

Thanks for the file :)

I don't actually see the character you used originally, but I added one to the "Correct" feedback master slide and it seems to be working for me.

Can you take a peek and let me know if this works for you too?

If this works, but the original character doesn't preview, I'd be happy to check it out and see if I can get it working.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Alan,

I took a look a the file and I think the problem is that there are triggers jumping to the question slide from the feedback layers. Also, the slide is set to "Reset to initial state", so each time you return to that slide it's resetting the interaction. 

I can see why you'd want to do this for the shapes, but this is resetting the attempts or breaking a link between the interaction and submitting the interaction. 

I removed these triggers and inserted a placeholder slide. I set it up so that when you've finished, you'll be taken to that next slide on either a correct or incorrect attempt, with three attempts. 

Can you take a look please?


Alan Landers

Hi Christine,  You are so kind to help me with this.  I tried your story.  When I placed the objects incorrectly and pressed the submit button - I got the retry feedback slide.  I clicked on the "try again" button and the moveable objects were still where I left them and not back where I could try again.

I now understand why resetting to initial states invalidates the tries count variable.  thank you

Maybe I just have three slides, each with one try if the placement is incorrect.  On the third failed attempt, they move on.  This will work, but it's not a very elegant solution.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Alan,

I thought you'd posted this in another thread and that I'd responded...but in any case, here's an attached file. This solution is similar to the solution I'd posted here, but that quiz only had 2 retries and yours has 3, so I set it up a bit differently (actually could have set the one in the video up this way as well..).

So, here's a quick overview:


The properties of the base layer need to be reset to initial state


I used the tries variable here

Layer trigger: show the incorrect layer if tries = 2

Object trigger: Add 1 to tries when Learner clicks try again button

Object trigger: Jump to Drag and Drop (the base layer of the slide) when the Learner clicks Try Again button

Object trigger: hide this layer when user clicks try again button

I think that does what you want...but you can holler!

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