New game templates for Storyline

Hi all

Just letting you know that after many sleepless nights, our second elearning game for Articulate Storyline is for sale on our website.

Think or Swim is a quick learning review using a template of battling with pirates.  I'm hoping to inspire others to create templates for Storyline so we can have the kind of market we had for Articulate Presenter.

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Jacinta Penn

Great to get some feedback, thanks Peter.  Here is a screenshot of our fourth one to hit the market.

It took a lot of variables to make this work, but no coding and I'm truely grateful to Articulate for coming up with Storyline, for people like me, who understand variables and actions but don't know code.  I realised some people out there don't know variables so that's why I thought there could be a market.  The more I think about it, the more that's what I might create, a marketplace for Storyline templates.  So others like me can sell their creations, and we can all create better, more engaging elearning. Watch this space!

Jacinta Penn

Awesome news, I have now opened a market for people to share, for fee and for free, their elearning templates.

I've started it off with 7 of my own and look forward to seeing what Storyline users will submit for sale or for sharing.  I really hope this opens up the use of Storyline because I love the product so much, and would like new users to be able to use some of the advanced features too.