Hello everyone,

I am VERY new at creating online courses.  Our company has chosen Articulate Storyline 2 for us to use, except we got no training.  I currently teach all live classes and want to transition to the creation of online seminars.  We have a few online courses now, but they are, for lack of better words, boring.

Pretty much text on the screen with someone reading it.

I want to create a more interactive course...except with no training on this, I am very lost.

1. Any suggestions on trainings to take that others have liked?

2. Any helpful tips on how to create a more interactive course?

I would love to take a live course since I am much better with hands on training, but the problem I am having is that they are expensive and my company is not willing to pay a ton of money.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Heather -- Welcome to the community! Looks like Linda provided a wealth of awesome resources, and I agree that the Getting Started with SL2 tutorials should be most helpful, as there are videos that accompany the lessons, and practice files were you can get some hands-on training. 

I also wanted to be sure to pass along a link to our library of eBooks that you may find helpful, as well! :)