NEW IN STORYLINE 360: Conditional Seekbar

We’re super excited to share the latest- highly requested!- new feature in Storyline 360: the conditional seekbar. Now you can prevent learners from skipping ahead until they've completed content. After that, they have the option to drag the seekbar back and forth.

The conditional seekbar in the modern player makes it easy to ensure that learners view all your content. Take a look at this video to learn more:


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David Parillo

Hi All at Storyline, 

This is great, but I'm unclear of how the conditional seekbar "prevents learners from skipping ahead" if they can still simply click the 'next' button to advance to the next slide, regardless of where the seekbar is in terms of progress. Am I missing something? I understand you can use triggers and conditions to temporarily disable the next button- but if we're trying to prevent learners from clicking through content, wouldn't it make more sense to add functionality to the conditional seekbar that disables (or even better, hides) the next button as well? Thanks for any clarification. 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, David! Great questions to help clarify. The conditional seekbar is helpful when you want learners to watch the slide's timeline in its entirety the first time it is visited. After they've viewed the slide, they can scrub through the timeline for reviewing more quickly.

Be sure to check out the option to restrict navigation, as well. When you use restricted or locked navigation, the Next button is disabled until the slide's timeline is finished. Since the seekbar controls the slide's timeline, these two features pair well together!

Let me know if that helps!