NEW IN STORYLINE 360: New Triggers Panel and Workflow

Oct 29, 2019

Storyline 360 just got even better. Now you can more easily manage your triggers and work faster with the new triggers panel and workflow. 

You can quickly make edits to triggers directly in the trigger panel with easy-to-use drop-down lists. You can collapse triggers and group them by event type, so they’re easier to find and make changes to. You can also click and drag to change the order of triggers. Plus, you can disable individual triggers for faster troubleshooting. 

You can turn the new workflow on and off at any time in your Storyline 360 options. We think you’re going to love it!

Check out this video to see the new triggers panel and workflow in action:


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Kym Dutfield-Cooke

I've just tried the new trigger panel, it looks and feels great!  However, when trying to put the left/right arrows as the key it is giving Num4 and Num6 in the triggers, if I revert to the old style triggers it is back to Left and Right - my existing key press triggers didn't change to Num4 and Num6 when I switched, only the new ones I was creating - any ideas?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Digby!

Good question! If you wanted to control it based on another object the only options currently would include when the timeline on that object starts/ends. You could potentially complete this by using cue points! 

It would look similar to this.

Our team has been notified about an object timeline option for a feature add. We'll keep you posted if we hear of any updates!

Dan Epstein

I like the upgrade also. And I agree with @Rusty. Having true if-else would be a real game changer since it removes the need to write a specific else trigger. And that gets to what I'd hoped the upgrade would address: being able to write one trigger to do many things at once. I raised this in the feature request forum last year.

The new grouping makes it easier to see related triggers and that's great. But what I'm really looking for is to be able to write a trigger where, for example, a button click adjusts a variable AND changes the state of an object or objects AND branches to a specific slide... you get the picture. Right now you still need to write one trigger to make each thing happen.

Articulate Folks: Are if-then and/or multi-result triggers on the product roadmap?

Larry Blair

Hi. This new system is good, but FYI - on my current course, the new triggers system is now showing text for a different trigger than the actual trigger in some places. I.e. I have some close buttons, running a 'hide this layer' trigger. The triggers panel clearly shows them as 'show layer' when they are 'hide layer', and they still function as the hide layer trigger I initially set up. When I copy the objects, the triggers no longer do the 'ghost hide' and just do nothing so I presume doing 'show' like the trigger states. I just want to share that as it's going to be very tricky and annoying to troubleshoot things when the interface is telling you one thing and the trigger is actually doing something completely different. What we see and what they do need to be 100% in alignment! Hopefully it's just a one-off, from the upgrading process.

I would have just sent this as bug-tracker but didn't see any links for one. 

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