NEW IN STORYLINE 360: New Triggers Panel and Workflow

Storyline 360 just got even better. Now you can more easily manage your triggers and work faster with the new triggers panel and workflow. 

You can quickly make edits to triggers directly in the trigger panel with easy-to-use drop-down lists. You can collapse triggers and group them by event type, so they’re easier to find and make changes to. You can also click and drag to change the order of triggers. Plus, you can disable individual triggers for faster troubleshooting. 

You can turn the new workflow on and off at any time in your Storyline 360 options. We think you’re going to love it!

Check out this video to see the new triggers panel and workflow in action:


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Joe Schelb

I have made the change to the new trigger update and found that you can no longer access the base layer in the When section of the Trigger wizard. I have a button that is being selected on the base layer. There is another object on another layer that is supposed to change stage when you select the item on the base layer. How do I access objects on the base layer from another layer? If you see the video there is a trigger that is unassigned, unassigned. I need to trigger to look like the triggers unassigned at the top.

Adrian Dean

Hi Joe - So I had to double check to make sure, but what you are seeing is expected behavior. I took a look at the video you shared as well as the file. Nothing has changed behavior wise from what was possible in previous versions of Storyline 360.

This can be confirmed on your end if you revert to the old Classic wizard/panel via Storyline Options -

Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can help you with, regarding this or anything else. 

Adrian Dean

Hi Wendy - From Joe's video, he's trying to have a trigger on a layer interact with an object on the base layer using a 'When the State of' trigger. The issue he is seeing is expected behavior.

Most triggers on layers are unable to interact with other layers including the base layer and has been that way for some time.

Ben McKenna

For what it's worth Adrian - this actually used to be achievable as Joe pointed out. I've attached a screencast showing how it behaves with the older trigger window. If you select an object on the layer first, you can interact with base layer objects. Clearly the fact that you could only do it under certain conditions meant that it was never intended, but it was incredibly useful and let you create some complex interactions.

Doesn't make sense NOT to officially support this as a feature as far as I'm concerned.

Wendy Farmer
Adrian Dean


Most triggers on layers are unable to interact with other layers including the base layer and has been that way for some time.

I'm totally confused then (and it doesn't take much - LOL) . I'm on the incorrect layer in the wizard and I can see objects on the base and on the layer itself - or are you referring only to specific triggers?

Ray Cole

Hi Curtis,

Based on your post, I've been holding off on upgrading my copy of Storyline because my current big project has a couple of important web objects in lightboxes. I'm wondering if you and your team have managed to solve the issues you reported above with web objects in the latest Storyline build.