New iPad won't display graphics beyond "start" work

May 31, 2012

I'm testing the 30-day trial of Storyline. I took an existing PowerPoint course that we have already created and enhanced with Articulate. When I export it to our website it plays fine in the web browser on my laptop running Safari. However, when I go to view on my iPad using WIFI connection, the display drops out after the "start" screen. The audio however plays. When the audio completes I'm staring at a blank white web page in Safari.

Something to note that may or may not be related, (1) it worked completely once with no issues and when I recompiled after changes made to the player so the "pause" button would show these problems started. (2) in the same time frame I downloaded the Storyline APP from the Apple App Store. (3)iPad has been restarted and files recompiled and uploaded multiple times.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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UF_Buck Buchholz

So, I got it working. I simply blew away the content I was working with on the webserver and just uploaded the content under a new folder name. This time when I navigated to it in the Safari browser on the iPad it fired off to the Articulate App. Once in the app everything worked as expected. Very slick. Maybe it was some caching issue. That is the only thing I could think of based on what I saw. Again, I didn't change the content I was playing only the name it was saved under so, Safari would think it was new.

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