New laptop Storyline 360 not doing formatting the way it used to

Oct 14, 2020

We've been issued new laptops at my workplace, and Storyline 360 is being quirky. Before, I used to be able to copy text and paste to a text block, click the edge, bring up Paragraph, and set spacing values that applied to all paragraphs in the text. The new version doesn't do it any more. I have to select each paragraph individually. Is there a way I can restore the old way?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello R. Eric!

I'm happy to help! Are you referring to the Format Painter option? This is one way that you can copy a style to paste on a text box or shape. 

You can also change the paragraph settings by right-clicking on the text box and choosing Format Shape from the drop-down menu.

Please let me know if you have something else in mind!

R. Eric Smith

Thanks, I know about Format Painter and Format Shape. I didn't explain well enough.

I have all the text boxes set for Roboto Light, 14 pt. font, Spacing: 0 before, 9 after, Line Spacing: single. The source document I copy from has different values. I used to be able to paste, click on the edge of the text box, and click the expansion for Paragraph in the top ribbon. If any of the values were blank, I could input the proper values and fix the entire slide in one fell swoop. 

Now when I try this method, the Paragraph window displays the preset values, but they're obviously wrong. Some sentences have line spacing of 1.15 instead of single, and the before and after spacing values aren't 0 and 9. Clicking OK doesn't fix them like it used to.

I know I can paste without formatting and get the preset values, but sometimes there's a lot of formatted text (italics, bold) that I have to manually fix. That may sound petty, but I have to rework a lot of courses I previously designed in Rise into Storyline and I want to save time.

Leslie McKerchie

Thank you for the additional information, R. Eric.

Do you know what version of Storyline you're using? I'd like to take a closer look.

You can check by going to:
Help > About Articulate Storyline

We are currently on Build 3.44.23192.0 of Storyline 360. You can read all of the details here.

A quick Peek 360 demonstrating the behavior and how to replicate would be very helpful if possible.

R. Eric Smith

Thank you for taking the time to help me, Lauren. I already use all those methods you demonstrated. My issue is something else.

I wish I had my old laptop so I could show you more clearly the way SL worked before the upgrade. I could use a Word doc that didn't have the same line spacing as my SL template. I could do a straight-up paste, click on the text box or highlight all the text inside, then bring up the Paragraph menu. If any of the line spacing values were different from the template, those values would be blank. Any that do happen to match would display.

So, if I copied text from a Word doc that had 8 pt before, 8 pt after, and Multiple (1.15) line spacing into my SL template that's 0 before, 9 after, and Single line spacing, those values would show up as blank because they didn't match. I could input those values and all the paragraphs in the text box would adjust to match them.

In SL's current version, those values show up as 0 before, 9 after, and Single line spacing, even though they're not. I have to adjust each paragraph in the text box individually, whereas I could do it all in one fell swoop before. I know I can paste without formatting and retain the line spacing, but that's not the issue. A feature I found useful in the past doesn't work any more.

Maybe I'll try disabling the new trigger system and see if that has anything to do with it.

Katie Riggio

Good morning, R. Eric!

Thanks for taking the time to create a recording and outline what's going on with the formatting.

I'm also curious to know if you see a difference when switching back to the classic trigger workflow. Please keep us posted!

Also, we can troubleshoot in real-time while you copy and paste text. Because you're on a Teams plan, you have access to live chat support through this link:

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