New LMS limitations - I have an odd request.

Please forgive the length of this question, but I need to give you sufficient background.

In my company, we build final assessments in Storyline 360. We have a number of required Compliance courses that learners must complete throughout the year. As part of the requirement, learners must master the final assessment with an 80% or above. He or she has 3 tries to do this.

Once the learner flunks the test for the third time, the curriculum is closed to the learner, and his or her manager is notified. The learner's manager must then ask the Compliance department to reopen the curriculum to the learner. Consequently, the learner must take the online course again, and the 3 tries for final assessment mastery are reset for the learner.

We accomplished this very nicely through Cornerstone LMS.

My company has not renewed it's Cornerstone license in favor of an LMS that was created in-house. It has considerably less functionality: there is no way to limit the number of times that a learner can master the final assessment. 

I have a feeling I know the answer to this question, but I thought I'd tap into the expertise in this forum. Is there a way to do this within the Storyline built assessment? In effect, I'm being asked if I can program the storyline assessment to do what the LMS can't: prevent a learner from retaking an assessment when he or she has flunked the assessment three times. 




communicate with the Compliance departmentThe learner then must retake the course, and  and limit the number of times that a learner can fail the final assessment (3 times). After that learner flunks for the 3rd time, the assessment is no longer available to them. 

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Linda,

You can program a course to hide the Retry Quiz button after 3 attempts. Simply track the number of attempts with a variable, and then add a trigger to the Failure layer that hides the Retry Quiz button. It'd also be a good idea to show a message about why the learner can't continue and what they have to do to take the course again. 

FYI: This does require that your LMS be able to re-set the course completely to ensure the user has to start from scratch. In other words, the LMS has to prevent the "resume where you left off" functionality.

Or you could turn off that functionality before you publish the course. However, that would also mean that the user would have to complete the course without exiting. That's not a good option, though, because, if they need to exit and you don't let them resume where they left off, you could have a lot of angry users.