New Player stange behaviour with menu opened / voice-over and screen reader.

I have plublished an e-learning with the new player (that is more accessible) and I was used to navigating with the old player, so I find the behaviour with the new player strange and I would like to know if it is supposed to work like this or if it has some bugs.

1st point:
When the menu is opened, it reads every element of the menu before we can go on the slide. Is this normal and is there a shortcut to skip this?

2nd point:
When I display the slide, the screen-reader reads automatically:
-link the name of the slide in the menu
-the title
-the content
And the recorded voic-over is started at the same time.

3rd point:
In english the button to skip the navigation is called "Back to top" whereas in french it is "Revenir sur la diapositive" that means "Back to slide". So does back to top means back to top of the slide?
Moreover in the french help it is supposed to be "Retour au d├ębut".

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Ludovic!

I'm happy to help!

The menu title of the slide you're visiting should be read first. The entire menu shouldn't be read. Are you noticing the entire sidebar menu is read by the screen reader?

To your second point, a screen reader is set to start automatically so when there is audio at the beginning of the timeline, you'll notice they overlap. To avoid this, I recommend adding a user interaction that prompts the audio on the slide to begin. For example, what about a button that says, "Start Audio"?

Lastly, the wording on the slide "Skip navigation. Press enter to return to slide" allows the user to listen to parts of the slide again. I can see how the translation looks different in French. Did you know that you can change the text in the Player Properties? Here's how it looks!