New Question!! Customizing Quiz Slides

So, I am trying to show the question but then send my learners to a slide layer.  Upon their return, I would like the answer choices to appear.

I thought I could do this with a simple state change, but found out I cannot change the state of the answer choices.

Any suggestions???

Slide 1.4 if anyone wants to take a look at it.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Niki,

I think you're almost there - but I would set the timeline to be paused when the timeline of the slide starts - as what if the user doesn't click on the button right away? You also already moved the answers to appear about 2 seconds in - you could extend that based on how quickly you might assume someone could click through the Xs. As, since it's going to resume the timeline when the user presses the "review button" the answer do appear in the background but with your set up, difficult to read and they seem to have to click through all the other Xs first anyway. 

Niki Bray

Thanks, Ashley.  Since I posted this question, I have figured a little bit out on my own.  I did extend the timeline and I also set the timeline to pause when the slide starts so I'm happy to know I got that correct as well. :)   I then changed the layer background with the master background image to make it appear cleaner.  It looks pretty good if I say so myself.  :) 

Yay!  Thanks for your help, Ashley!  Glad to see my mind is able to work through some of these problems better. :)