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Andy Banga

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for writing in!

I believe there are a lot of possible approaches here but my take on this would be utilizing two Question Banks. Since there would be a new set of questions on the second attempt, it would be easier to list the next set of questions in another Question Bank. This way, we won’t need to include additional variable triggers or conditional parameters on each slide. Here is a sample look of my Story flow.

Slide 1: Draw from Question Bank 1
Slide 2: Result Slide (If the user failed, show a button to proceed to the next Slide)
Slide 3: Draw from Question Bank 2
Slide 4: Result Slide (Show Pass or Fail)

To help you with the implementation, you may check out this guide about Managing Question Banks. For proof of concept, I’ve attached my test files as a reference. I’m looking forward to seeing other insights from our community so I’ll make sure to subscribe to this thread.

I hope you find this information useful.