New Retry Quiz Problems


I wanted to try the new Review incorrect quiz questions for my quiz.  I downloaded the latest version and selected the "Review only incorrect questions" from the trigger wizard.  After I failed, I go back to retry only the ones that I got wrong and it will only let me get past the first question and stalls on the second slide after that.  I'm not able to select any objects on the slide.  I've saved, closed it and reopened it, deleted triggers and added them.  I've also changed the slide property to "Reset to initial state," when revisiting.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong but I could use the help.

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Shiela Marie Marcos

Hi Natasha, 

It looks like the slide is in Review mode and not in Retry mode. Here's a quick infographic that shows how you can get the learners to retry only the incorrectly answered questions. 

1. In slide view, go to the design tab.

2. Click on the Retry button

3. Draw the button onto the stage.

4. Double click on the trigger for the newly created Retry button.

5. Check the option in the trigger wizard that says "Reset only Incorrect Questions".


I also found this article which explains this feature in more detail.

Hope this helps!