New Slide Layers - Unexpected Behaviour

I'm working with Storyline 360, have set up a whole slew of layouts in Slide Master, and am now working on creating my scene. I have created my base layer, and when I try to add a slide layer, it is creating a slide layer with one of my other layouts from the Slide Master. I have tried deleting that particular layout, but it will just create a new layer with yet a different layout from the Slide Master. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how to fix it?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Lynsey, welcome to Heroes!

Glad to hear you're checking out Storyline 360, and I'm sorry it's giving you headaches.

It sounds like adding a new slide layer is somehow pulling from your Slide Master layouts. I'm not sure I've seen this happen before--can you record a Peek of what happens when you add a new layer, and send me the link?

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Hattie. Your slide layers should use blank feedback master layouts. Can you record a Peek of adding a slide layer and then going to the Home > Apply Layout tab? I'd like to see what's happening on your end.

Also, let me know if this is happening on every project or just one in particular. Thanks!