New Storyline 2 update - 24th May 2018


I received the email advising that "recently, some commonly used browsers, including Chrome and Safari, started blocking autoplay of audio and video content on websites".

The email advised me to install the latest update, which I have done, and republish my courses.

I tried republishing my courses but the auto play still does not work properly.  The video plays but the audio does not.  The only way to make the audio play is to click somewhere along the seek bar.  The refresh button in ineffective on some video slides - but not others. 

After an email to your support team I was advised to "install the latest update".  I advised that I had done this already, but reinstalled it again anyway.  The problem still persists.

I have over 600 courses for different clients to republish and I need to resolve this issue urgently.

Many thanks for any help that can be provided.

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