New Storyline course. Feedback welcomed.

I love Storyline. I can't say it enough. 

I just completed a course on Laboratory Medicine and Clinical Trials: Module 1 Introduction to Laboratory Values. This course is 30 minutes and intended for people who work with, manipulates or review laboratory results within the context of clinical trials.

I would love any feedback on how to improve my Storyline skills for future projects.




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Geert De Rycke

Hi Claudine,

I looked at your course. From a content point of view I can not comment as I'm not competent in that matter. From a design point of view I have following comments.

  • I see that your menu takes up a lot of real estate on your screen. Have you thought of putting your menu on top ?
  • There are a few menu-items that have the same name. You can avoid this by giving each slide a unique name. So if you have a topic running over more than one slide, give each slide a meaning full name and you'll not have duplicates in your menu
    EG Lab reports (2 times)
    Summary (2 times)
  • Sometimes students just want to look for something. How about opening the search functionality ?