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May 18, 2012

Hi All,

I just want your help could please help me how to create "Circle Diagram", "Timeline", "Media Tour", "FAQ", "Pyramid" "Guided Image" and "Glossary" in NEW STORYLINE SOFTWARE and please send a sample template..

Thanks in Advance


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srini gajendran

Hiii All,

Thanks to everybody for sending  valuable reply.

But i already used Articulate Studio. That software more and more user friendly software if i make timeline section just click add timeline it will automatically adding.

if i add more content in the timeline section the scroll-bar automatically coming, but that facility not possible in the new storyline.

That's what am asking if anybody send one sample i can follow the sample files

Thanks in advance


David Anderson

Hi Srini

Have you looked at the free interaction templates that come with Storyline? You get many of the same types of interactions from Engage: 

You are right that content tabs or sections do not auto-update when you create new content. Storyline makes creating new tabs easy and since it's not a form-based product like Engage, you would need to create a new tab and slide layer for each section you add.

We created some good starter examples, but you're right that you would likely add or delete sections based on your own content.

Jeanette also created a really nice Screenr that shows you how to modify an existing template:

srini gajendran

Hi David,

Thanks for your reply

I just want to know all the feature that are covered in "New Articulate Studio 12" like "Engage" "Circle Diagram", "Timeline", "Media Tour", "FAQ", "Pyramid" "Guided Image" and "Glossary" which are available in "Articulate Studio".

Customer wants that same featured for HTML5. So that's what i have asking for you.

i am expecting your "New Articulate Studio 12", launch soooooooon.

srini gajendran

Hi Jill,

Thanks for your reply....

Nobody's giving right answers about my questions

just want to know all the features are covered in "New Articulate Studio 12" like "Process" "Circle Diagram", "Timeline", "Media Tour", "FAQ", "Pyramid" "Guided Image" and "Glossary" which are available in "Articulate Studio".

I have checked "new articulate studio 12" and "Process tab" covered in new articulate studio 12, but i just want clear answers of above my questions

Not supported of Old Engage interactions in new HTML5.

Armin Heer

We produce many E-Learning applications produced in Storyline 3. We have a increasing demand of our users of the Storyline applications.

Once the E-Learning has been downloaded on the iPad, the switch which enable you to download the content should disappear or be inactive after the download is complete. If you download the content and somebody moves the switch again by mistake, the entire downloaded content will be erased. This results that a new download must be started. This is very time consuming when larger content like video are included in the training.

Do you have any suggestions or modification planned to solve this problem?

Thanks for your reply.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Armin,

There isn't a way to disable the download switch once a user has already downloaded it. 

I'd be curious if folks in the community have any creative ideas or best practices here? I know with the new responsive player in Storyline 3, lots of folks have moved away from using the Articulate mobile player app. It sounds like you still need it for offline access?

Armin Heer


Thanks for your reply.

This is the case. We need the application for offline uses. Many of our technicians are abroad in countries where no WLAN is available at the place they work.

Therefore, the switch can be a big problem if somebody operates the switch.

A solution is urgently needed.

Kind Regards

Armin Heer

Irchelstrasse 61
8400 Winterthur

T1 +41 79 667 6763
T2 +41 52 202 7989

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Armin,

First, it looks like your email signature came through when you replied via email. You can remove that if needed by clicking ‘Edit’ beneath your response. Here’s a quick Peek video if you need help.

Disabling the switch may be something you could look at editing in the code of the player, but I'll have to leave you in the hands of our ELH community experts for that!  Has anyone taken a look at doing this? 

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