New Storyline user - fastest way to look at finished examples

I'm an instructional designer writing content that will be developed by a Storyline developer. Since I'm new to Storyline, I'd like to review lots of examples of how teams have used Storyline. For example, math courseware using formulas. Is there a place where I can look through lots of examples of finished courseware, or examples of how Storyline is used in many different ways?

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Allison Nederveld

Hi Andrean,

The thread Rebecca posted above has a lot of great links, but was focused on learning the software more than just seeing what it can do.  If you want to peruse some finished products without worrying about how the software makes this happen, the Articulate website has a great number in their product showcases.  (Though if you have time I would check out the links on those other threads as well!)

Storyline showcase:

Articulate community showcase (has products made with other Articulate software as well):