New to articulate - help with quizzes (Review)

Hi there - I have created a simple 2-question quiz to set up the functionality I want (unlimited attempts, option to review and try again on results page). I am testing the functionality in Preview and noticed the following. I fail both questions, then review - as expected I see the review feedback and both questions have been marked 'incorrect'. I then try again and pass both questions, as expected getting a 'passed' status on the results page. If I choose to review again at this point, both my questions are still marked 'incorrect'. Any ideas?



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sally

I'm not sure what is wrong with your quiz - I created a new project and imported it in and it still does the same - shows the incorrect banner when the answer is correct. I notice in your review of the slides it is not displaying the original selection whereas it should - that is why it is giving you the incorrect banner.

So I created a new scene - added two true false questions and a result slide and mimicked your behaviour except for adding the Topic 5 variable trigger and it works as expected.

There may be some corruption - you may want to recreate the slides and see how you go.  Just a note I would create a scene and put the original quiz questions and result slide in there and just don't reference it (sometimes deleting the result slide can cause issues)


Sally Milford

Thanks Wendy I've done as you suggested and it appears to be working now.

Not sure if this is related, but the post-quiz review Feedback area does appear to be buggy though as I'm having trouble retaining the review feedback text I enter (I repeatedly had this issue the first time I built the pages too).

I have chosen to have no correct/incorrect feedback so have selected Feedback: None in the top menu bar.

The issue is that I can enter it into the correct Feedback box in form view, then save. Then I go to Slide View and look at this feedback layer and the correct feedback appears, but then when I try to edit the format of the review text box, the feedback words disappear. When I go back to 'Form View', they have disappeared from the Post-Quiz review area. So I set it again and get stuck in this loop. Not sure exactly what I did with the version you sent me, but it must have 'stuck' at some point.

Hope this makes sense... Thank you for you help!


Sally Milford

Hi Wendy - after a failed attempt, I'd like the learner to be able to return to the menu to review the topics before trying again if they like. I have tried adding a 'return to menu' button to the and a trigger to reset results on the results page when the button is pressed, but when the quiz is revisited, the previous selections remain and there's are back & next buttons (instead of submit). Please help I'm out of ideas! (you should also be able to see this behaviour in the story file I uploaded earlier).

Thanks again,


Crystal Horn

Hey Sal.  Agreed- can you upload your latest version with the "return to menu button?"  It sounds almost as though the quiz is reappearing in a review-type mode rather than resetting to take again.  You might also want to take a look at your trigger order for your new button:  Make sure you have the trigger to reset the results before the trigger to jump back to the menu.

In any event, a look at what you've got so far will be helpful!