New to Articulate - Query in Creating Audio on Articulate

Hi all, 

We've just signed up to Articulate and so I'm currently testing out it's various features and functions. My question is around audio... Currently we use Amazon Polly, a text-to-speech software to generate lifelike speech for our e-courses. Can this be done directly in storyline 360?

Also, I would love a quick explanation of the difference between Storyline and Rise, including the benefits of each.

Thanks everyone. I am eagerly awaiting your responses.


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john faulkes

I can answer the audio piece ...

You can generate text-to-speech in Storyline. It's in the insert/audio/ dialog. 

I haven't used it that much, I think you can either paste in some text or pick up the slide notes and generate audio in the timeline. It's not bad, but I think Amazon Polly is rather better, if you use the Neural voices.

The one criticism I have about Polly is that although the speech can sound very lifelike, it's a bit 'unethusiastic' - a bit 'down' in attitude.

Thor Melicher

Hi Gloria,

You may have figured this out already but Storyline does use Amazon Polly... just not all of the features you may have become accustomed to like the neural voices and SSML tags to get better results.

Being that you're already a user of Amazon Polly, you might want to consider giving HEROVOICE TTS a try as it uses your Amazon Polly account to get your encodings for you.  I wrote it because of the reasons outlined above but I was also tired of having to do one file at a time through the Amazon Console.  You may have also encountered the other 'problem' and that the file can only be up to 3000 characters.  Not so with HEROVOICE TTS. :)

If you want to give it a try, you can find it at the Microsoft Store: